More Aaaahs: The business case for investing in outdoor recreation

I love the “aaaaahh” moment–when you open the car door at the trailhead, breathe the air, hear the rustle of leaves, and step into the dappled sunlight. I’m kind of addicted.   Author Florence Williams calls it a getting a “Nature Fix.” I often get my “nature fix” on the Whitefish Trail—it’s close to my home,… Read more »

Executive Compensation: Finding the Right Equity Compensation Structure in These Accelerated Times

  Attracting and retaining top-notch executive talent is no easy task. Location, salary, PTO, work environment, and culture are all keys to getting and keeping your most valuable employees. Inevitably, the conversation with prospective executives turns to equity compensation. You want the executive to be invested in the long-term success of the company, and the… Read more »

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Beyond Just Fun: The Business Case for Frontcountry Recreation

Who knew? That in 2002, a free-wheeling group of Whitefish mountain bikers would kick off one of Montana’s best trail systems. Introducing the Whitefish Trail. What started on Spencer Mountain as a state-initiated development planning process for 13,000 acres of public state trust land around Whitefish, has turned into a 42 mile (and counting!) trail… Read more »

Due Diligence and the Art of Buying Property: Why an Attorney is Essential in Your Real Estate Transaction

For many of us, a real estate purchase will be the biggest transaction we participate in during our lifetime. When else do we spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on one purchase? Instead of engaging an attorney when involved in a real estate transaction, however, potential purchasers rely solely on their real estate agent. Numerous states… Read more »

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Keep It Clean: Six Tips to Keep Your Corporate “House” in Order

Corporate recordkeeping is always on the to-do list—frequently at the bottom.   Maintaining the minutes, updating the cap table, getting the signed nondisclosure from the intern, issuing stock certificates, etc. often take a back seat to the daily press of business. Yet, accurate corporate records can become mission critical. Whether a company is seeking an exit,… Read more »

Real-Time Location Data:  Will US Supreme Court Bless Warrantless Location Searches?

The US Supreme Court is poised to decide whether the government can obtain location data from your smartphone without a warrant.  The case is Carpenter v. United States, and it represents a giant leap forward in cyber security law for the usually staid United States Supreme Court. In obtaining location information from wireless providers without… Read more »

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Net Neutrality in Big Sky Country

Montana’s Pioneering Spirit Goes Hi-Tech When people think of Montana, images of snow-capped mountains, blue ribbon trout streams, and rolling plains usually come to mind.  But probably not internet bandwidth. Montana became the first state to draw a line in the sand when it comes to net neutrality.  Governor Steve Bullock recently signed an executive… Read more »

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To Have or Not to Have? … an Employee Handbook

Four Keys to success For An Employee Handbook in Montana Many growing companies question the pros and cons of having an employee handbook–would it serve as a valuable tool for communicating workplace policies and expectations, creating certainty for employers and employees, and serving as a safeguard against employment claims?  Or would it constrain a manager… Read more »

B Corps: Doing Well While Doing Good.

Patagonia. Etsy. New Belgium Brewing Co. Klean Kanteen. Ben & Jerrys. Seventh Generation … The common thread? All are Certified B Corporations. “B Corps” are intent on ensuring profit is not the lone factor driving business decisions. Instead, these companies believe “people using business as a force for good” is the best way to achieve… Read more »

A Business Attorney’s Role: Do your job and get out of the way, just not too far away

A grey haired executive once told me that to be a good business attorney I should do my job and get out of the way – just not too far away.  This perspective came from years of business experience and understanding that business has two basic components:  revenue and risk.  Both affect the bottom line. … Read more »