To Have or Not to Have? … an Employee Handbook

Four Keys to success For An Employee Handbook in Montana Many growing companies question the pros and cons of having an employee handbook–would it serve as a valuable tool for communicating workplace policies and expectations, creating certainty for employers and employees, and serving as a safeguard against employment claims?  Or would it constrain a manager… Read more »

B Corps: Doing Well While Doing Good.

Patagonia. Etsy. New Belgium Brewing Co. Klean Kanteen. Ben & Jerrys. Seventh Generation … The common thread? All are Certified B Corporations. “B Corps” are intent on ensuring profit is not the lone factor driving business decisions. Instead, these companies believe “people using business as a force for good” is the best way to achieve… Read more »

A Business Attorney’s Role: Do your job and get out of the way, just not too far away

A grey haired executive once told me that to be a good business attorney I should do my job and get out of the way – just not too far away.  This perspective came from years of business experience and understanding that business has two basic components:  revenue and risk.  Both affect the bottom line. … Read more »

Diane Conradi and John Anderson announce the formation of Conradi Anderson, PLLC

Diane Conradi and John Anderson announce the formation of Conradi Anderson, PLLC Reinventing the practice of law for the New West Whitefish, Montana – March 25, 2013   – Attorneys Diane Conradi and John Anderson recently combined their talents to form Conradi Anderson, PLLC.  Ms. Conradi and Mr. Anderson are reinventing the practice of law by… Read more »

He’s 6’6″ and She’s 5’2″…

He’s 6’6″ and she’s 5’2″–how can they possibly see eye-to-eye?  For the answer to this, and other intriguing questions about how Conradi and Anderson combine their heights and skills, click here to check out Ryan Murray’s recent article in the Daily Interlake’s Flathead Business Journal.

“Net Neutrality” Ruling May Change the Internet As We Know It

Federal Appeals Court Guts Net Neutrality Rules In a January 14, 2014 ruling, a Federal Appeals Court in Washington D.C. struck down the core provisions of the so-called “Net Neutrality Rules.”  The order, which even cited a YouTube video of a cat, held that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lacked statutory authority to treat internet… Read more »

Time for a Tuneup

Not often enough, a non-profit will approach me to look over its articles and bylaws.  Unfortunately, the request usually comes in a time of crisis–our executive director has just moved to Timbuktu with our grant funds, our board chair never comes to the meetings, or someone wants to sue us.  I hear– “we got our… Read more »

TEDx Buzz in Whitefish

There’s a buzz–it’s TEDx time in Whitefish.  Our firm is excited to sponsor this innovative forum for people who “think and do” to share their stories with others who “think and do.”   The theme for TEDx Whitefish is “Defining the Last Best Place” and the speakers range from minimalists, to artists, to hikers, to… Read more »