Our attorneys use law, policy and community energy to create, enhance and protect outdoor recreation and conservation areas.

Conservation Easements

Conradi Anderson’s lawyers have played critical roles in highly complex and creative outdoor recreation and conservation transactions.  Having developed and executed strategies involving private philanthropists teaming with local, state, and federal governments, we are uniquely qualified to assist in an industry that has become a critical economic driver in the western United States.  We provide a wide array of services to conservation organizations, private landowners, and governmental agencies engaged in open space, habitat, and farmland preservation, including acquisition and financing, management plans, easement enforcement actions, corporate operations, and philanthropic qualification.

Outdoor Recreation Projects

We have decades of experience with recreation trail planning in semi-urban and rural settings, as well as working with landowners and governmental agencies to develop site plans, master planning, project approval, and financing using both public and private funding.  We are instrumental in developing multiple-use trail systems on public and private lands.

Liability and Risk Management

Overlooked in many conservation and recreation efforts is liability and risk management. Conradi Anderson’s lawyers are experts in these areas, having applied our litigation experience to conservation and recreation transactions, as well as to outdoor recreation businesses.

Land Use & Environmental Law

We take a collaborative approach to advise property owners, neighborhood associations, and nonprofits in navigating Montana’s land use regulations and restrictions.  The firm has well-established expertise addressing all phases of land use permitting and subdivision approvals, zoning, environmental law, property rights, easements, boundary disputes, and nuisance actions.  Our lawyers also represents homeowners’ associations (HOAs) as well as assisting association members interpret covenants and bylaws.

Water Law

Water issues are broad and so is our expertise in this area. Whether it’s farmers in need of new water rights, businesses needing water for industrial use, homeowners seeking protection of their domestic wells, or ditch companies needing assistance with water supply contracts, we have the ability and aptitude to help.