Technology drives business–it’s that simple.  Our experience inside engineering and operations departments, combined with in-house counsel positions, gives our attorneys a unique perspective into the real business of technology companies.


Networks, software, and the policies and procedures necessary to run a network are central to our firm’s practice.  We have extensive experience supporting networks, ranging from domestic and international fiber-optic networks, telecommunications services, OEM contracts, operations outsourcing, rights-of-way, and technical services.  In addition to the technical aspects of networks, our attorneys support real estate holdings, building entrance agreements, and large data center projects.

Cyber Security

As electronic communications become the way the world communicates, the security of those communications has become of paramount importance.  Conradi Anderson has worked with highly-sophisticated clients not only protecting networks, but also with the aftermath of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Intellectual Property

Software licensing, royalties, and commercialization of intellectual property are the cornerstone of technology companies.  Our attorneys understand the value of their clients’ intellectual property, and have assisted clients with marketing, joint development, sales, and purchasing of software, technical hardware, and maintenance agreements.  We view intellectual property as a critical asset to technology companies and work to develop strategies aligned with our clients’ goals.

Litigation and Disputes

Conradi Anderson has represented numerous technology companies in a variety of bet-the-company litigation and other disputes.  We have a keen understanding of the drag that lawsuits can have on a business, and seek to resolve disagreements as efficiently as possible.  We also realize that some disputes are not susceptible to an amicable resolution and have vigorously, and successfully, defended our client’s rights in the courtroom.